Our profile is to provide complex solutions related to rotary friction welding

Series welding

For efficient production of series with consistent quality often the best choice is friction welding.
With friction welding special metal combinations
can be applied. By using it, we can save machine time and raw materials.

We have been undertaking series friction welding on our own designed and manufactured machines since 1992.

Take advantage of our production capacity, make your production more efficient
In accordance with EN ISO15085-2 quality requirements, without risk and investment!

Machine manufacturing

Our newest friction welding machines are the results of a sixty years of continous development. Welding of a variety of parts is performed in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, often in three shifts, with robot service, short cycle times and with a minimal need of maintenance.
  • High material loss can be avoided.
  • Welding of metals that cannot be combined with conventional methods.
  • Our capacity allows us to produce large series.
  • All series are manufactured under the supervision of a welding engineer
  • The self-developed quality assurance system built into the machine checks and documents all parameters,
    this eliminates possible errors.
  • It is provided by a positioning system developed by us
    stopping the rotating piece at a given angular position,
    within ± 0,5o of the standing piece.
  • A built-in collar removal device is used for the precise removal of creasing material generated during welding.
  • Continuous innovation ensures always up-to-date technology.
  • For even, reliable knitting quality
    exclusion of the human factor,
    guaranteed by the automatic operation of the welding operation.
  • Since the cycle time of a given piece can be precisely determined, the production time of series can be calculated in advance.